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An association of skilled shooting instructors offering tuition or advice in all matters for shotgun shooting or tuition.

The availability of top quality, consistent, professional instruction is an essential requirement for those learning to shoot or wishing to improve upon their existing skills . The question is where is it possible to find just such expertise, and in doing so ensure that the attentions of the unqualified tutor are avoided?

The Guild of Shooting Instructors is an association of instructors dedicated to providing the highest possible standards of instruction, professionalism and service.

Every Guild member regardless of their background and previous experience, has to pass a rigorous training and selection procedure before being invited to join the organisation, thereby not only establishing a group of highly skilled and motivated individuals, but also ensuring a uniformity and consistency of instructional methods
and advice within that group.

Great emphasis is placed on the teaching and understanding of gun safety, etiquette and good behaviour. Each Guild member is among some of Britain's elite Shooting Instructors. They provide the answer to where you can get the very best in shooting tuition

“Joining the Guild Of Shooting Instructors has been extremely beneficial for me, the networking and skill sharing opportunities have really helped extend my knowledge & enhance my business through the introduction of new clients”

Postal Address

The Secretary Peter Harris 
36 Ford Road, Newport, Shropshire TF10 7TU

Contact Telephone

01952 812691 / 07841817755


Committee Members

Graeme Bowyer - Chairman
Peter Harris - Secretary 

Andrew Plant

Richard Smith

Rober Ward-Dutton


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